Who We Are in RAM

An organization that integrates a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in different areas that constitute the aviation security, focused on support to the operational global system through the training of specialists in aviation.


Be the leading organization in the training of aviation specialists; as well as the first and most valuable option in consulting and support to the global aviation system.


Build the foundations of the future of global aviation through specialized education, consulting and support for the achievement of a humanized system of operational safety.

Methodology Scope

Focused on the development of the capabilities of detection, analysis, execution, planning and management of the system, for the achievement of effective management of the aviation security.

Management Administration

RAM Aviation Training is led by a team of qualified specialists in psychology, law, engineering, administration and aviation medicine, Operations of flight safety, air traffic, dispatch Control and quality Control audits, who have reached a wide experience in the management of programs of prevention, investigation of events management, facilitation in human factors and specialized aeronautical instruction.

Training Areas of Aviation Specialists

Outlined in the design of dynamic training schemes, necessary for the achievement of effective project management covering the planning, development, implementation, application and tracking system of prevention in aviation.

• Prevention programs in human factors.
• Investigation of air accidents and incidents.
• Management of resources for the operational safety: Safety Management System.
• Crew resource management “C.R.M.” • Maintenance resource management in aviation “M.R.M.”
• Total resource management in aviation “T.R.M.”
• Controlled flight into terrain events prevention programs “C.F.I.T. / ALAR “
• Fundamentals of teaching - learning for aviation instructors.
• Management of safe transport of dangerous goods by air.
• Language Competency.
• Facilitation and consulting on Aviation Psychology.
• Aeronautics Fitness assessments.
• Organizational culture as a guarantor of the aeronautical safety.
• The aviation quality assurance.
• Security audit systems in Simulator and air line.

Our Services


Training in aeronautical specialties

• Training of specialists for the achievement of their strategic qualification in several areas of aviation, as a fundamental support for the development and improvement of operational security system consistent with the requirements of today's world, through dynamic education schemes, necessary for the achievement of the effective management of projects covering the planning, development and execution outlined within the areas of training of specialization that ensure safety and world aeronautical application and monitoring,
• Structured training programs organized under the international aeronautical regulations, providing timely response to the requirements of the system and the market demand for the development and maintenance of highly trained aviation professionals.

Security Audits

• System of security audits online flight and Simulator for crews.
• The aviation quality assurance.


• Implementation of operational security management systems.
• Aerospace fitness assessments.
• Aviation Psychology.
• Management of resources and the Human Factor in aviation.


• Multi-disciplinary professional advice in aeronautical firms and intermediary organizations such as: airlines, aviation maintenance organizations, aviation services companies, centers of aeronautical training, authorities in aviation, corporate aviation, etc.